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Solutions to Your Tree Problems

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We strive for perfection and have a sterling reputation. We also carry over a million dollars in insurance to back our excellent track record!

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Winter service area: Breedsville in the North West corner, Richland in the North East corner, Vicksburg in the South East Corner and Decatur in the South West corner

Luke Penrod

Founder & Owner

Luke Penrod: founder and owner of Frontline Tree Service

I am from an honest, hard-working family who loves the outdoors and who are skilled in timber work. My great grandfathers were loggers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I am priviledged to carry their legacy forward today. I started climbing trees shortly after I was walking, and have been passionate about them ever since. I started trimming and pruning trees in 2008 and did my first big climbing removal in 2009. Frontline Tree Service is a continuation and expansion of my enthusiasm for tree work, carried through from those days until now. 

My company commitment to my clients is to work with your safety and the safety of your property in mind, communicate well, be honest, and strive to conduct business in a way that fosters lasting professional relationships. I hope you will choose Frontline Tree Service to solve your next tree problem.